Welcome to GarderobeCome as you are leave as you will

What we do

Garderobe A/W 13-14 was influenced by the idea of a new beginning, after all the label itself is exactly that. Founded on the belief that the world is what we make it and the importance of always looking forward. These beliefs led us not to some science fiction alternative of our world but to our past and the spirit of the Art Deco movement.
A design ethos brought about and inspired by constructivism, cubism, modernism and futurism, which in turn were inspired by the great Egyptians and Aztecs.

As we head into our future we must not forget our past.

Exploration can be found in what we believe to be familiar. Nothing can be more profound than finding a place or a feeling that you’ve not quite known before, an uncertainty of what’s to come, a new beginning. Turning a corner to find the start of a brave new world.

Come as you are, leave as you will.

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